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Did you know that bulky wallets are the reason for pulled hamstrings? The constant weight on one side takes a toll on the body and it feels always uncomfortable sitting with a stuffed wallet in your back pocket. Custom Personalised Leather Card Holder makes it easier to grip and slimmer to store. Plus, it nullifies all the issues.

Phoeben offers this Card Holder that is a narrow holder that won’t slip out of your pockets. Carry a trendy, compact and stylish card holder than a wallet that is frayed at its edges from too much weight. Also you can match it with the Personalised Monogram Phone Cases along with your outfit and make a style statement. This card holder made of genuine leather won’t make a hole in your pocket. To be more selective, Phoeben presents to you the range of Monogrammed Mens Accessories, which are completely up-to-date with the trending fashion and helps you make a style statement which everyone will adore. Choose your color and style, and then stash it away for good.